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For many airframe developers in the burgeoning industry of electrified flight and distributed electric propulsion, quiet operations are a key factor that can help drive customer excitement and society acceptance. 

VerdeGo Aero has forged key partnerships and developed proprietary patent-pending technology to control and minimize the propagation of noise from the hybrid powerplant.  This technology has been successfully tested and validated on our 2nd generation systems, has already been designed into VH-3 applications, and will continue to evolve and develop as we move into higher power levels. 

We apply this technology in close coordination with our airframe customers and partners to achieve the overall goals of the flight product. 


VerdeGo has licensed and continues to test a noise mitigation concept pioneered at the Eagle Flight Research Center.  With electric motors comes the opportunity to drive propellers and fans in a unique and novel way.  No longer are torque, power, and RPM linked by physics only – electrified aviation allows those to be varied independently. 

Using VerdeGo technology, an aircraft lift and/or propulsion technology can be operated at its most energy-efficient setting when quiet operations is not important – over open fields, for example.  Then, when the aircraft approaches population centers, a new control scheme is used where energy efficiency is traded for quiet operations.  With batteries alone, this tradeoff may not be available – but the combination of electric motors and energy-dense liquid fuels enables this flexibility.  It is sure to surprise and delight the customer and their neighbors. 

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