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What should I use?

Figure out which process will best fit your purchasing needs.

Purchase Request

  • My order is under $10,000

  • I have an invoice that should be paid by check or credit card

Purchase Order

  • My order is over $10,000

  • I have an official quote from the company for my source materials

  • I have an invoice that should be paid by wire transfer

Reimbursement Request

  • I have placed an order on my own credit card or with cash

  • I have the associated receipts 

purchase requests

Follow these three steps to submit your Purchase Requests! If it is for an invoice, simply attach the invoice in place of a Parts Spreadsheet.

  1. Source the supplier and fill out the parts spreadsheet.  Please use one spreadsheet per supplier (or one tab per supplier).  

  2. Fill out the Smartsheet Purchase Request form.  

  3. Use the Smartsheet Dashboard to track the status of your purchase request and to see updated shipping information.

Parts Spreadsheet




purchase order

A purchase order can be used for an order that is greater than $10,000.  Please get an official quote and send it to to start the process.  Please also forward any invoices for greater than $10,000 or that require a wire transfer or electronic payment system.  

reimbursement request

If you have purchased something in cash or on a personal credit card, please follow these steps to submit a Reimbursement Request.  Please ensure that you have permission from your direct supervisor prior to making any purchases.  Employees should only be making personal purchases in cases of cash-only establishments or in times of extreme time sensitivity.  In case of time sensitivity, you must first attempt to contact Matt or Rayna to use proper channels.

  1. Fill out the Expense report with detailed information regarding each purchase

  2. Fill out the Smartsheet request form, making sure you attach all receipts and Expense Report

expense report


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