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VerdeGo Aero is poised and ready to meet your testing needs.  Read more about all of the specific assets that VerdeGo is ready to utilize to leverage the most success for your project.


Iron bird hybrid system

The VerdeGo Aero Iron Bird is the world's largest diesel hybrid aerospace powertrain prototype.  This system was built to demonstrate the efficiency of the diesel hybrid electric concept.  VerdeGo is using the Iron Bird to develop the systems and operational requirements that will drive the design and development of a flightworthy system.  More than just a generator set, the Iron Bird also includes a simulator-driven control station that enables real-time, hardware-in-the-loop testing of realistic mission profiles and use-case scenarios for a variety of vehicle and mission types including eVTOL, eSTOL, and eCTOL. 

The Iron Bird will evolve over time.  Its first iteration, known as "Gen 1" or "V1", features off-the-shelf components that are available now to prove the concept, but are not optimized for weight.  As testing progresses, VerdeGo will replace various components to optimize for weight, power consumption, redundancy, and reliability. 

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