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As electrification disrupts the aerospace industry and creates new market segments, VerdeGo Aero is developing powertrain technologies that enable the next generation of aircraft. Our hybrid-electric systems have the lowest direct operating cost, and VerdeGo also has industry-leading battery pack technologies. Our world-class engineering team is led by the visionaries that have been at the forefront of developing electric flight for more than 10 years. VerdeGo’s core expertise is electric power systems rated at up to 1MW for aircraft up to 7,000lb (3,200 kg) MTOW. 

There is a $1B+ market potential for VerdeGo to supply electric powertrain hardware to a wide array of both VTOL and CTOL aircraft. Hundreds of new electric aircraft designs are now under development for passenger and cargo transportation. VerdeGo’s modular hardware enables a core set of building blocks to efficiently be applied to numerous market segments including: Urban Air Mobility (UAM), thin-haul regional flight, and unmanned cargo transportation. Our focus on minimizing direct operating cost (DOC) drives both energy efficiency as well as overall system efficiency; to reduce power/fuel, maintenance, and acquisition costs over the lifecycle of an aircraft. The operating cost of VerdeGo’s powertrain systems are up to 40% lower cost per flight cycle, providing our customers with a significant competitive advantage.  

As VerdeGo scales up its hardware, our strategic partners and investors Continental Aerospace Technologies and Seyer Industries are key elements of our strategy. Continental is providing the incredibly efficient CD-265 Jet-A piston (diesel) engine at the core of our Gen 1 hybrid powertrain, and they are also supporting both engineering and certification with their expertise. Seyer Industries is a leading aerospace manufacturing company with capabilities for precision manufacturing, assembly, machining, and electronics fabrication. Seyer is an integral part of VerdeGo’s supply chain plans for scaling up into production. Leveraging these partnerships enables VerdeGo’s core team to focus on technology development while efficiently tapping into decades of aerospace expertise related to commercializing new aviation hardware.

For inquiries regarding strategic partnership or investment, contact VerdeGo Aero at:

This website and other VerdeGo materials do not claim to include all information that a prospective investor may desire to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in VerdeGo Aero. Information on this website is subject to revisions and no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information is provided by VerdeGo Aero, its partners, or its representatives. Neither Continental Aerospace technologies or Seyer Industries are responsible for content provided on this website.

Forward looking statements in this website are made based on VerdeGo Aero’s current business plans and market assessment, and they may be revised at any time. Numerous assumptions have been made regarding the company, market, and technology; and if one or more of these assumptions proves to be inaccurate, the results of the company may vary materially from what has been estimated. Investors and strategic partners should base their decisions on their own assessment of the future value and viability of the company and should not rely on VerdeGo Aero’s forward-looking statements. Significant risk factors include but are not limited to: securing subsequent rounds of funding, customer adoption, market growth at lower than projected rates, regulatory risk, competitive risk, vendor/partnership risks, availability of talent, and technology risk. VerdeGo Aero is a high risk, high potential reward investment and only accredited investors are permitted.

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