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hybrid powertrain systems

We are the leader in diesel-electric hybrids, for applications requiring up to 1 MW of peak power.  VerdeGo Aero's diesel-electric powertrains have the lowest direct operating cost while also delivering high performance. We are utilizing powertrain systems to enable VTOL and CTOL aircraft to be clean, quiet, economical, and capable with propulsion technologies that exist today. Our hybrids deliver significant performance and mission improvements versus batteries, making aircraft more competitive and useful. VerdeGo is currently working on multi-megawatt turbine hybrids for the HSVTOL program.

why hybrid?

Electric aircraft are at the forefront of aviation technology, but the energy density of current batteries isn't yet high enough to support many mission types or aircraft designs.  The power generation systems in the VerdeGo IDEP systems, which use  Jet-A Piston Engines, offer 4-8x the equivalent energy density of today's battery systems.  As battery technology evolves sufficiently, the onboard hybrid power generation units can be removed and replaced with batteries.

why piston-hybrid?

Compared to small turbines, Jet-A piston engines burn up to 40% less fuel, significantly reducing both carbon emissions and direct operating cost.  Piston engines are quieter than small turbines and are significantly cheaper to purchase and maintain.  Jet-A piston engines use the same global fuel supply as turbines.  With the redundancy of twin engine/generator systems and an onboard battery pack, the twin-engine IDEP powertrain architecture has the potential to exceed the reliability of single-turbine systems.

hybrid core specifications


Generator Output:

184+ kW  /  247+ hp

System Weight:

277 kg  /  609 lb

System Volume:

48  x  36  x  34  in

Battery Size:

Varies by application

System Burst Power:

0.5 MW

* (Includes engine, generator, power distribution, cooling, and exhaust)

hybrid idep vs. turbine hybrid-electric

  • 35% Lower carbon emissions

  • 35% Lower fuel burn

  • 30% Powertrain acquisition cost savings

  • ~10-20 dB Quieter (exhaust note)

  • 45% Lower overhaul cost per hour

  • 40% Lower cost per flight cycle

hybrid idep vs. battery-electric

  • 10x Smaller battery size

  • 25% Lower power system weight

  • 12x Faster recharge/refuel time

  • 4x+ Endurance/range

  • Longer battery cycle life

  • Full FAA / EASA ENERGY reserve energy

  • Up to 25% Lower cost per cycle

  • Potential to be quieter (by increasing power to support low-noise rotors) 






VerdeGo's IDEP systems feature single and double cores for smaller and larger vehicles.


Our products are applicable to a variety of mission profiles ranging from Urban Air Mobility eVTOL to Fixed-wing STOL and even to eCargo eVTOL.


Piston hybrid-electric powertrains offer the lowest direct operating costs compared to turbine hybrid and battery-electric solutions.  Compared to a single turbine, a twin piston system has ~30% lower acquisition costs.



This system does not require new battery technology, but is able to be upgraded from hybrid to battery-electric systems as technologies mature.  

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