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8/24 Update

Sight is probably ready to go live.

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  • DONE - IN PROGRESS 8/20 pretty much done but might need your review. - (tm) on IDEP and VerdeGo to signify the trademark for those terms.


Landing Page: (home2)

See new landing page.

  • ARCHIVED - updated task for this is noted below in 8/14 email list. Note: I’ve got the video. But Wix says “only the owner can replace videos.” Replace current animation with Continental engine one (Erik can get you the correct new file in our dropbox at: Images/IDEP/IDEP H7 with Continental Diesel/DIESEL.mp4)

  • DONE - Add Florida phone number 386 281 6727 at the bottom of the page

  • DONE - Remove the INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTED ELECTRIC PROPULSION tagline at the very top of the page and replace with the Tagline: “Powering the Next Generation of Aircraft” followed by the text included below that is more descriptive of what we do:

    • VerdeGo Aero(tm) is a leader in propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft designs. Our team has years of expertise with manned battery-electric and hybrid-electric aircraft and our IDEP(tm) Integrated Distributed Electric Propulsion hybrid-electric systems offer industry leading performance for aircraft designers needing high levels of onboard power for demanding VTOL and commercial missions. VerdeGo Aero(tm) also supports airframe developers behind the scenes with engineering and prototyping services to accelerate conceptual engineering and development of both VTOL and Fixed-Wing aircraft leveraging distributed electric propulsion.

  • ARCHIVED - Updated request below in 8/14 list: Note: Will do when we are ready to go live. Menu at top of screen: Home, IDEP(tm), Engineering Services, About, Strategic Partners, News & Events, Contact

  • DONE - Logo at top of screen (use text font from logo graphic)

  • DONE - Include logos of Continental and Seyer as "strategic partners" at the bottom of the page (getting permission now - logos attached)

  • DONE - Include GAMA and VFS logos to show we are members of the leading industry groups (getting permission now - logos attached)

  • DONE - Move the IDEP image scroll to the IDEP page


List from Eric's 8/14 email.

  • DONE - After talking with Pat I can foresee having additional technologies to list as top level menu options on the site. In order to facilitate adding those menu items, can we center the logo at the top and then set it up for a full-width menu below so that when we add 3 or 4 more items it still fits on a normal window?

  • Will do as pages go live (super easy) Top menu - Let’s change the options to: Home, Powertrain Systems, Engineering Services, About, Strategic Partners, News & Events, FAQ, Contact (some of these pages have to be created but they will all be separate pages)

  • DONE - Tagline - I cut back the amount of text. Please replace the existing text with the following, block justify the main text and leave the tagline center justified: 


    • VerdeGo Aero(tm) is a leader in propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft. We enable our customers to create more competitive aircraft by leveraging VerdeGo’s powertrain systems. Our experienced engineering team also supports airframe developers behind the scenes to apply our years of experience with hybrid-electric and battery-electric aircraft. 

  • DONE - New video - what do I need to do to upload that?

    • Answer: Fastest way would be to do this together online.​ Or, you can upload the asset into Wix and then do an "add video". It's actually a bit trickier than it seems.

  • DONE - IDEP image crawl - I have 5 new images for this, what is the best format to provide them to you?

    • Answer: email would be easiest, or I can show you how to upload directly to WIx, but probably not the best use of your time.​

  • DONE - Eliminate the “VERDEGO AERO Integrated Distributed Electric Propulsion (IDEP) section with the image right below the crawl. It is redundant with the content that will be above it in the crawl.

  • ARCHIVED - Listed in another item below. Question (low priority): Do we have the name of this font? I'm currently working with patching images together. DONE - Below the deleted section the logo starts a paragraph and the text VerdeGo Aero” should be the logo text and not a separate font - same as at the top of the page.

  • DONE - Replace the “Propulsion & Controls” text with “Powertrain Systems & Engineering Services” “Enabling VTOL and CTOL aircraft to be clean, quiet, economical, and capable” Lyn note: I also reordered the three boxes below this to match the order or the statement in this item.

  •  DONE/ANSWERED Question from Lyn: Should "Direct Operating Cost" be lower case? DONE - Replace the “Safe” section with “Economical” with the text reading “Hybrid electric systems designed to minimize Direct Operating Cost”. 8/21-Eric answered, yes leave as is. 

  • DONE - Link Continental and Seyer to their website home pages

  • DONE - Link VFS and GAMA to their website home pages

  • DONE - Change the Contact Address to: MicaPlex Suite 220F, 1 Aerospace Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114

  • ARCHIVED - Question: this looks like it was already done at the footer, is there something else needed? - Insert “Patents Pending” at the bottom of the page

  • DONE - Copyright is now 2019

  • DONE - Answered with PPT Eric sent on 8/21 - Question from Lyn - Are there updates for the 4th slide? It currently shows the "flying car"

List from Eric's 8/21 email for Home Page.

  • DONE - We can include the PNAA logo with VFS and GAMA. 

  • DONE - 1) For the intro text I caught a couple of changes to my original text:

    • "VerdeGo Aero(tm)  is a leader in propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft. We enable our customers to create more competitive aircraft by leveraging VerdeGo’s powertrain components. Our experienced engineering team also supports airframe developers behind the scenes to apply our years of experience with hybrid-electric and battery-electric aircraft systems.”

  • DONE - Text is smaller, but I need to figure out a workaround for superscript as Wix doesn't support superscript...argh. Also, can you make the (tm) behind Aero a superscript text so its smaller?

  • DONE - 2) On the logo at the top of the page, our trademark is not registered yet so we can’t use the (R) we need to use (tm) instead.

  • DONE - 3) I’ll have to work with you on getting the new video inserted. Maybe you can walk me through that process when we talk.

  • 4) The new IDEP images (there are actually 4 of them) for the landing page are completed and are in a file on our Dropbox drive. Erik can find a 4 slide PPT in Presentations/Website online. You can make jpg or png format images from those slides

  • DONE/LIVE but need to re-do when new page goes live. Lyn will do when the new home page goes live. Let me know if you need me to patch this together in the interim. 5) On this iteration of the website, let’s hide the IDEP page and have the IDEP menu item at the top of the home page scroll down to the IDEP image crawl on the home page. We are in the process of developing specs for the 1st generation IDEP systems and I would rather wait to update the dedicated IDEP page until we have the new specs available shortly.

  • Monitoring (removed GAMA for now)- 6) GAMA sent me a message that they will vote on our membership next week so we’ll probably just wait until the following week to go live so we can include their logo and link.

  • If Eric/k has access to the 99 Designs login I bet I can figure this out. - 7) I don’t know what the font is on our logo. If you figure that out, let me know because it would be great to have that info.

  • DONE - 8) Two of the bottom sections on the landing page now look redundant. Let’s combine them to include the logo and have the following text:


    • Enabling VTOL and CTOL aircraft to be clean, quiet, economical, and capable with propulsion technologies that exist today.

  • ARCHIVED - Leaving text as is. 9) Direct Operating Cost can stay capitalized (people are used to the acronym DOC)

  • DONE - 10) Under the “Capable” section at the bottom of the page, I’m adding mention of hybrids to clarify what that is about:

    • “Hybrid Electric propulsion with 4X range and 12x refuel/recharge speed compared to all-battery approaches.”

  • DONE - 11) The “What is IDEP?” button can be deleted on this version because we won’t have the dedicated IDEP page go live in this iteration.


About (about2)

See new about page.

  • ARCHIVED - Listed again below. Note: Pat's image needed. Erik/Eric DONE - Get headshots of all 3 founders in VerdeGo shirts (TBD because I need to take care of Pat and I)

  • DONE - Eric is at top, updated formatting overall - Lyn Question: Titles look ok? Do we put Eric at top since he’s CEO

List from Eric's 8/21 email for About Page

  • DONE - 1) Its time to change the “Our Heritage” Section to be more about VerdeGo’s history and we have found that it is very important to explain to people that we aren’t making an aircraft. Let’s change the top to include the following text and images:

  • DONE - CORRECT IMAGE? I guessed. Upper Text Block: (this text block is accompanied by an image of our aircraft)

  • DONE - VerdeGo Aero(tm) was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced pioneers with years of experience with hybrid-electric and battery-electric aircraft. VerdeGo began development of a revolutionary hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft and the internal technologies that would enable it to be successful. During this development process, VerdeGo created it’s hybrid-electric IDEP(tm) powertrain architecture to enable its aircraft to deliver performance far beyond what battery-electric aircraft were capable of. We also found that conventional aerospace modeling tools were inadequate for modeling the unique missions, aircraft architecture, and propulsion options for this next generation of aircraft and created a set of proprietary analysis tools focused on the unique tradeoffs in this design space. 

  • DONE - CORRECT IMAGE? I guessed.Middle Text Block: (this text block is accompanied by an image of our IDEP powertrain)

  • DONE - As the urban air mobility and large drone industries accelerated, VerdeGo recognized that the powertrain technologies and engineering capabilities that had been developed for its aircraft, were broadly applicable to a wide array of aircraft programs targeted at different market segments. In mid 2018, VerdeGo made a strategic pivot to stop development of its aircraft and leverage its core knowledge to become a technology vendor to the entire industry working on new aircraft architectures related to electric propulsion. VerdeGo now supports customers developing VTOL, CTOL, manned, and unmanned aircraft designs with its IDEP powertrain components and engineering services.

  • DONE - Lower Text Block: (this text block is accompanied by the logos of Continental and Seyer)

  • DONE - VerdeGo has partnered with two leading aerospace companies who are both investors and strategic partners as we transform the future of aviation. Continental Aerospace Technologies has a long heritage of innovation with certified reliable aerospace propulsion and VerdeGo is working with Continental to adapt their Jet-A piston engines to be optimized for use in hybrid-electric powertrains. Seyer Industries has a long history of providing high quality components, assemblies, and electronics to a wide array of cutting edge military and commercial aerospace programs. Seyer is a part of the supply chain for many of the highest performing aircraft in the world and has partnered with VerdeGo Aero as a key element of the supply chain for next generation powertrain systems.

  • DONE - “This strategic partnership with VerdeGo Aero continues Continental’s long history of innovation and expands beyond general aviation  into emerging commercial markets requiring hybrid-electric propulsion.” - Rhett Ross, President & CEO of Continental Aerospace Technologies

  • DONE - “Seyer Industries sees a huge potential as innovative aerospace companies around the world compete to develop short-range VTOL aircraft with electric propulsion. Our financial investment in VerdeGo and our strategic supply chain partnership enables Seyer to become a key supplier for all of the aircraft utilizing VerdeGo’s IDEP systems. Seyer’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities are ideally suited for aerospace projects such as this that require both mechanical and electrical systems expertise” - Chris Seyer, CEO of Seyer Industries

  • DONE - 2) It probably makes sense to move my photo up since I’ve moved to the CEO role. Probably looks weird to keep it as it is now.

  • MONITORING - I’m working on Pat’s photo (we tried to take it yesterday but ran out of time)

  • DONE - Lyn added item - update formatting on About page for two quotes. Update formatting on top section overall.

News & Events (media2) 

See new News & Events page

  • DONE - Lyn is working on this one (8/20) - Make this more dynamic - how do we easily insert links to new articles - Please suggest formats that will work better for making this easy to constantly update

  • DONE - Reviewed with Eric...Lyn to complete updates - How do we insert a calendar that shows where Erik, Pat, and Eric are speaking?

    • Answer: Google calendar. I have the framework up on the page. Let's confirm this is the route you'd like to go. There are other options, but this by far will be the easiest to manage, and it's free.​ I'll give you the login info.

  • More media assets

  • DONE - Remove all images of the aircraft - these are confusing people


List from Eric's 8/21 email for News & Media page.

  • Question from Lyn: Is this still an open item? 1) We need to replace the image at the top because that has a non-Continental engine in it (I can provide while we are on the phone)

  • DONE - Need to go into Wix to update, but it's using a plugin to make updates simple. 2) In the news - let’s discuss how this gets updated and how we keep a running list of articles that have featured VerdeGo

  • DONE - Updated to a list that uses a plugin to make editing easy. 3) Calendar - this is really cool but I’m concerned that we won’t have enough going on in the next year to make a daily calendar look good. Is there an alternate simplified format where we can have a list of upcoming events? It may be that there are only 6-8 annual events worth listing

  • DONE - Completed with updates. 4) Media Assets - The pitch deck needs to come off the list of materials - looking forward to discussing how to manage this.

  • ARCHIVED - Combined with item below. 5) We do want to keep the old press releases and include new ones

  • DONE - Lyn added item: Eric sent Lyn email 2pm 8/21 with links to articles that reference Verdego

  • DONE - Lyn added item: Eric sent Lyn email 2pm 8/21 with links to events.

  • DONE - Lyn added item: Eric sent Lyn email 2pm 8/21 with new press release to add to current ones. Reformatting of all needed.


SECTION DONE – Contact (contact2)

See new contact page

  • DONE - Insert phone number 386 281 6727

  • DONE - Insert driving directions (see attachment)

  • DONE - Insert USPS mailing address:

    • VerdeGo Aero

    • MicaPlex Suite 220F

    • 1 Aerospace Blvd.

    • Daytona Beach FL 32114

    • United States

  • DONE - Insert FedEx/UPS & Physical Address​

    • 1511 Aviation Center Parkway

    • Daytona Beach FL 32114

    • United States


See updated IDEP page.

  • DONE - Add slideshow from home page to the IDEP page.