• Primary power generation for hybrid-electric aircraft​​

  • 600-1000+ Wh/kg equivalent energy density

  • 40% better fuel economy than turbines, with less noise

  • Uses Jet-A or biofuel substitutes = zero new infrastructure required

  • Self-contained system includes engine, generator, inverter, and thermal management using air cooling

  • Options for 400V or 800V, plus 28V system power

  • Series of parallel hybrid modes

Patents Pending

Quiet, Efficient, and Economical Power for Electric Aircraft

Moduar/Scalable - use one genset for smaller vehicles, two for larger vehicles

Broadly Applicable - suitable for UAM eVTOL, eSTOL, eCTOL


Quiet - much quieter than turbines and turbine-hybrids


Lowest Direct Operating Costs - compared to turbine-hybrids and battery-electric 

Flexible - multiple potential operating modes using optional thru-shaft:  mechanical shaft power on/off, electrical power on/off, burst power from battery to boost mechanical shaft power 

Operating Modes
Operating Modes

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Left Side Iso - VH-3-185
Left Side Iso - VH-3-185

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Left Side Iso w Shaft - VH-3-185
Left Side Iso w Shaft - VH-3-185

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Operating Modes
Operating Modes

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Batteries alone can't meet the mission?

  • 5-7X higher energy density than batteries

    • Transformational range while meeting energy reserve requirements​

  • Up to 12X faster refuel/recharge

    • More flights per day = more revenue​

  • No charging infrastructure required

Turbine options too loud or too thirsty?

  • 40% better fuel economy for lower DOC and carbon emissions

  • Available with noise mitigation below 70 dB at 100 ft or less

  • Built around a certified engine and air cooling, familiar aerospace technology