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VerdeGo Aero is poised and ready to meet your testing needs.  Read more about all of the specific assets that VerdeGo is ready to utilize to leverage the most success for your project.


variable pitch 8-rotor drone

As experts in distributed electric propulsion, VerdeGo understands the complex tradeoffs between RPM control and variable pitch control systems for different sizes and configurations of aircraft. VerdeGo has built a flying testbed with eight variable pitch rotors with rapid response for precise attitude control. This small eight rotor drone (octocopter) was built to enable rapid, efficient flight testing of variable pitch control laws that are critical for larger VTOL aircraft. As vehicle size increases, rpm-based flight controls become less effective as rotational inertia becomes harder to effect as motor and propeller/rotor sizes increase.  Although this demonstrator is at a small scale, the control scheme utilizing variable-pitch rotors by design is much more scalable to larger craft.

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