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VerdeGo Aero is poised and ready to meet your testing needs.  Read more about all of the specific assets that VerdeGo is ready to utilize to leverage the most success for your project.

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large-scale 67kwh 

Immersion-cooled battery pack

VerdeGo’s Gen 1 battery pack is an unmodified system from the surface traction battery industry.  Built using standard 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion energy cells, this pack has a 67 kWh capacity at 470 VDC nominal voltage.  This system features a unique immersion cooling system that pumps a dialectric fluid through the modules, immersing the cells in the fluid.  Besides providing superior management of thermal energy, this dielectric fluid dramatically reduces the potential for cell-to-cell thermal runaway should a single cell experience a runaway event.


This Gen 1 pack is built for the surface market and features BMS and other safety systems that are appropriate for this market.  Building on the core immersion cooling concept, VerdeGo is adapting this technology for use in the aerospace market, where it is expected to deliver significant advantages in discharge C-rating, cycle life, and pack safety.

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