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VerdeGo Aero has recognized that application of hybrid-electric powerplant technology is not as easy as bolting an engine to a firewall.  Airframe customers often seek support for the following:

  • High voltage bus architecture including layout, component selection, software, and controls with an emphasis on safety under all conditions.

  • Selection of suitable lift and/or propulsion motors; integrating and harmonizing flight motor controllers with the hybrid powerplant controllers.

  • Aircraft modeling and simulation to confirm required power levels, battery pack size, and other factors across all phases of flight and expected mission profiles.

  • Integration testing with all aircraft systems together such as high voltage wiring, batteries, chargers, hybrid power generation, and simulated electrical load.

  • Quiet system testing and confirmation 

With multiple integration projects complete from paper studies through complete hardware integration and durability testing, the VerdeGo Aero team is eager to support airframe customers seeking to apply the benefits of hybrid propulsion to their new project. 


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