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VerdeGo Aero™ was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced pioneers with years of expertise with hybrid-electric and battery-electric aircraft. VerdeGo Aero™ began development of a revolutionary hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft and the internal technologies that would enable it to be successful. During this development process, VerdeGo Aero™ created its hybrid-electric IDEP™ powertrain architecture to enable its aircraft to deliver performance far beyond what battery-electric aircraft were capable of. We also found that conventional aerospace modeling tools were inadequate for modeling the unique missions, aircraft architecture, and propulsion options for this next generation of aircraft and created a set of proprietary analysis tools focused on the unique tradeoffs in this design space.


As the urban air mobility and large drone industries accelerated, VerdeGo Aero™ recognized that the powertrain technologies and engineering capabilities that had been developed for its aircraft, were broadly applicable to a wide array of aircraft programs targeted at different market segments. In mid 2018, VerdeGo Aero™ made a strategic pivot to stop development of its aircraft and leverage its core knowledge to become a technology vendor to the entire industry working on new aircraft architectures related to electric propulsion. VerdeGo Aero™ now supports customers developing VTOL, CTOL, manned, and unmanned aircraft designs with its IDEP™ powertrain components and engineering services.



VerdeGo Aero™ has partnered with two leading aerospace companies who are both investors and strategic partners as we transform the future of aviation. Continental Aerospace Technologies has a long heritage of innovation with certified reliable aerospace propulsion and VerdeGo Aero™ is working with Continental to adapt their Jet-A piston engines to be optimized for use in hybrid-electric powertrains.


Seyer Industries has a long history of providing high quality components, assemblies, and electronics to a wide array of cutting edge military and commercial aerospace programs. Seyer is a part of the supply chain for many of the highest performing aircraft in the world and has partnered with VerdeGo Aero™ as a key element of the supply chain for next generation powertrain systems.

This strategic partnership with VerdeGo Aero™ continues Continental’s long history of innovation and expands beyond general aviation  into emerging commercial markets requiring hybrid-electric propulsion.

Rhett Ross, President & CEO of Continental Aerospace Technologies

“Seyer Industries sees a huge potential as innovative aerospace companies around the world compete to develop short-range VTOL aircraft with electric propulsion. Our financial investment in VerdeGo Aero™ and our strategic supply chain partnership enables Seyer to become a key supplier for all of the aircraft utilizing VerdeGo Aero’s IDEP™ systems. Seyer’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities are ideally suited for aerospace projects such as this that require both mechanical and electrical systems expertise.”

Chris Seyer, CEO of Seyer Industries




Chief Executive Officer

Eric is the architect of the VerdeGo Aero™ business model. His background includes executive General Management experience at $250M+ businesses along with extensive expertise commercializing new innovations. Eric co-founded Powering Imagination to promote clean, quiet electric flight. At Yuneec/GWI he led development, flight test, and marketing; and he was responsible for the first formation electric aircraft team at AirVenture 2013. Eric is a commercial, instrument, airplane, and glider pilot with flight experience in electric planes.



Executive Chairman

Erik's MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose) in life is to escape from gravity. In 2002 Erik retraced his grandfather’s epic 1927 New York to Paris flight with a mission to help jump-start the private spaceflight industry. Mission accomplished, he refocused on electric propulsion to make general aviation clean and quiet. VerdeGo Aero™ is the culmination of this decade of work. Erik serves on the board of the XPRIZE Foundation and is the Chairman of the Board for the Lindbergh Foundation. Erik holds a commercial pilot certificate, is a flight instructor, and holds a glider rating. He is also a co-host of The Lindberghs podcast.



Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Anderson created the technology that enables the Urban Air Mobility future. He is Director of the Eagle Flight Research Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University specializing in: new vehicle concepts, advanced flight controls, and novel certification strategies. He led the world’s first piston gas/electric hybrid aircraft program and was recognized as Researcher of the Year. Dr. Anderson holds an airline transport pilot rating, is a flight Instructor, and is also rated as an airframe and power plant mechanic.

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