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Image left to right - Nick Kanellias, VP Marketing P&WC; Eric Bartsch, CEO and Co-founder VerdeGo Aero; and Dr. Pat Anderson, CTO and Co-founder VerdeGo Aero - at AirVenture 2022


VerdeGo Aero is creating power and propulsion technologies that enable our customers to develop high-performance electric aircraft. Our hybrid-electric powerplants solve the critical performance challenges necessary to make electrification of flight practical, useful, and scalable.

VerdeGo Aero

There are more than 600 electric aircraft programs leveraging the new capabilities of electric motors to redefine what aircraft look like and what missions they can perform. The aerospace industry hasn’t seen this level of innovation since the emergence of the jet engine.


While electrification brings huge opportunities, the electric flight industry is struggling with insufficient energy sources to deliver the most compelling missions with full regulatory compliance. Conventional wisdom is that electrification and sustainable fuels are competing visions for the future, VerdeGo Aero has recognized that these two advances can be combined to deliver more impact, faster progress, and higher performance.

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The demands of the aerospace industry are very different from automotive and other markets. Performance, safety, regulatory compliance, and sustainability are far more difficult to balance. The energy onboard the aircraft must be “packaged” in a manner that delivers a useful, compelling, safe, sustainable aircraft.

"packaging" energy in batteries

20X Heavier

"packaging" energy in liquids

Not just 20x Lighter!

  • Last drop is as good as the first

  • Gets lighter as it gets used

  • Recharges quickly

  • Fuel tank doesn't shrink & wear out

  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

VerdeGo Aero’s hybrid-electric powerplants solve the energy challenge by enabling our customers to use the best elements of electrification to design new more efficient and more capable types of aircraft around electric motors, while leveraging the incredible advances being made in sustainable liquid fuels.

Contact VerdeGo Aero to learn how our hybrid-electric powerplants can transform the capabilities of your aircraft!

Creating and commercializing new technologies in an emerging industry requires passionate innovators. Learn how you can shape the future of sustainable high-performance aviation by joining VerdeGo’s world-class team!

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